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Karly Rayner

If you're a hardcore Robert Pattinson fan like me, you might want to grab a paper bag to hyperventilate into because he appears to have done something truly awful to his hair.

I hate to be the person to break it to you, but it seems like the 27-year-old babe to own all babes appears to have given himself a RATTAIL MOHAWK.

Look at it!

Can someone just hold him down and shave the offensive strip off before the world is flooded by the tears of 10,000 Twihards? It's just not worth it, Rob!


New images of Rob's hair cut have been revealed and it's not as bad as I initially feared... Just really, really weird.

Although it looks like he has given his head a Brazilian bikini wax from the back, the front is actually one of the best R-Patz looks I've seen in years.

I'm sorry my faith in you wavered, Rob, but could you just shave that little cranial soul patch off?

It makes your head look kind of like a backwards Hitler, and nobody likes that prick.


Rob's new hair?

(Source: Dlisted and The Daily Mail)


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