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Like many others, I have profoundly fond memories of my time with Pokemon. Whether it was fighting over the best shiny cards in the school playground, racking up hundreds of hours on the GameBoy games, or watching the surprisingly good cartoon series on Saturday afternoons - they were good times. Unfortunately, all those memories have just been tainted, and yours are about to be too.

Pokemon have been a lot of things, but never sexy. That is, until now. Thanks to some DeviantArt users, we can now glimpse into the adult world of Pokemon.

Full credit to all the artists who dreamed up these creations. They're certainly original...


Mudkip goes from an innocent little fish to sleazy seductress. She would look more at home in an Amsterdam window than in the Hoenn region.

[Source: 14-bis]


Oh God, please get back inside your pokeball!

[Source: g-birkin]


Woah, nice jaw-line Jigglypuff. But really, what is that thing on your forehead?

[Source: wupar]


Mega-Charizard's boxer-short wearing older bro is ready to party. And I bet he owns a sweet-ass motorbike.

[Source: ryuukiba]


If only Ash's dreams came true...

[Source: nancher]


Machoke's just down for a casual bit of beach volleyball - I hear he's a big Top Gun fan.

[Source: issjah]


I wouldn't actually be surprised if I did find that in a patch of long grass.

[Source: artemispanthar]

I'm not quite sure why any of these exist, but I'm sort of perversely glad that they do.

Gotta forget them all!

[Source: CollegeHumor]


Which one of these sexy-mons traumatized you the most?


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