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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

It's a case of "gotta cook 'em all" with these awesome Pokemon themed pancakes! Internet cake artist Dr. Dan has recreated all 151 original Pokemon in pancake form, and they look pretty darn delicious! Take a look...

From Red and Blue to a plate near you, Dr. Dan the Pancake Man is, in his own words, "a dude that stumbled into mild internet fame by turning pancakes into art. Now I'm making Dancakes full time. And it's a blast." That's pretty ace if you ask me, making breakfast all fun and nostalgic.

If you want more of a Pokecake fix, check out the timelapse video where Dr. Dan creates his Pancakemon (nearly a pun) from Bulbasaur all the way through to Mew.

So whaddya say? Something for the kids or your inner child this weekend? Better start cutting them stencils, Pokefans!

(Source: Dr. Dan)


Pokemon Pancakes: good idea or waste of good batter?


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