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Smosh Games' Honest Trailers series has always had me laughing along at its uncompromising look at the - often bizarre - realities of movies and video games. This time they've turned their sights on the online phenomenon, World of Warcraft - and the result is hilarious!

Smosh Games take aim at Blizzard for their incessant release of expansions (four in total!), the game's stereotypically nerdy player base, and, oddly enough, Mr. T! Check out some of the best bits:

The Hopelessly Addicted Players

"I'm not addicted, I've only been playing for - Oh no."

The Generic Characters

"The Alliance: a collection of generic fantasy tropes, who protect the realm with the power of friendship."


"The Horde: a collection of generic heavy metal tropes, who savage the realm with the power of adulthood."

The Marketing Strategy

In 2007 Blizzard hired a number of celebrities, including Mr. T, for a marketing campaign to promote the game. Smosh remembers this as "that time Blizzard paid Mr. T to pretend he could use a computer."


The game "responsible for cyber-sex with female night elves, who turn out to be 12 year-old boys." For more details on the many insane oddities that occur in WOW, be sure to check out this article.

Watch the full video below!


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