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Fans of all things Disney and fairy tales better make room for their new favorite photographer: Darya Kondratyeva.

Kondratyeva has a really awesome creative style, where she blends her models, their clothes, wild animals companions and isolated environments to make some truly beautiful fairy tale-esque photos.

Some of her photos seem to be inspired by real life fairy tales or books, while others she has created her own story.

Have a look for yourself and be prepared to be taken on a fairy tale adventure:

Gretel from Hansel and Gretel

Those braids, that red dress and that cub! Wow!


That crown on flowers is seriously awesome, and how the heck could she charm that Emu enough to get close to it!?

Red Riding Hood

Ok you guys, she's friends with woodlands creatures, while it snows, with her amazing red hood.

Fox Hole

Just a spot of tea with my artic fox in a canopy. No big deal.

Merida from Brave

Just look at it!! Perfection!!


I love the colors in this one, they seem very Harry Potter-esque


Talk about amazing and now I totally want my own personal fairy tale photo shoot, come one, who wouldn't?!


Which photo from Darya Kondratyeva is your favorite?

Source: Dasha Kond, Dose


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