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We've already seen quite a bit from The Wachowskis' upcoming sci-fi extravaganza Jupiter Ascending, and most of what we have seen has shown off the glossy special effects and cinematic wizardry that has gone into the project.

Indeed, up to this point the Warner Bros. marketing team seem content to use this kind of footage to try and remind you that these are the guys who brought you the seminal Matrix Trilogy. Now, although this third international trailer doesn't exactly tone down the action, it does at least deliver the basis of the story, and the possibility of more political allegories. Check it out below:

The Matrix managed to walk the difficult tightrope of delivering constant and impressive action AND something the philosophically minded members of the audience could get their teeth into - being, as it was, a kind of adaptation of Jean Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulation.

If we ignore the weird bestiality vibes for a second, Jupiter Ascending appears to be about a corrupt intergalactic corporation stomping on the little guy. Perhaps the Wachowski's are once again trying to marry intense action with something cerebral? Well, at least I hope so.

Jupiter Ascending will arrive in US theaters from February 6, 2015.


Jupiter Ascending looks...

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