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Awesome news, fellow Sci-Fi fans! Isaac Asimov's legendary Foundation series is not only reportedly on its way to our screens, but it might just have about as perfect a creative team as you could ask for.

Now, we already knew that HBO had acquired the rights to the series from Sony earlier this year - which is good news in itself - but it now seems that the cable giants have approached one of the most successful writers working in sci-fi today to adapt it.

According to The Wrap, Jonathan Nolan - the co-writer of Interstellar, and Christopher's brother - will produce the series, though neither his representatives nor HBO have yet made any comment.

If true, though, this would be downright awesome news - seeing as the classic Foundation is exactly the sort of intelligent, complex Sci-Fi we're all always clamoring for, and Nolan is more than capable of making it into something great. Plus, the novels are - much like Game of Thrones - far better suited to adaptation on TV, and especially cable, than as movies.

Though I can't imagine there'll be too much scope for sexposition, though... Whereas the also upcoming Westworld? Maybe a little more...

What do you guys think?


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