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Now that Halloween is done, it is time for the greatest and truest of all holiday traditions, advertising for Christmas. The hell with Thanksgiving, it is time to sign up for lay-a-way, credit cards, coupons and gift cards. Time to celebrate sales, stand in-line and click away. A truly grand and competitive time of year in the richness of American character and in the name of the Holidays. Well, not if Kirk Cameron has anything to say about it. I have to admit, the crap commercials and endless campaigning for BUY!!!! BUY!!! BUY!!!! bugs the absolute hell out of me, but not as much as the two minutes of hell that I just sat through.

The trailer for Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas. is without a doubt the strangest thing I have ever seen, and I saw Tide Lands. From what I can gather, a pedophile in a Santa Suit has apparently car jacked Jesus. This "Santa" is cleverly disguised in a sweat stained Cosby sweater and is upset that Christmas is not religious enough. Well, Kirk Cameron will not stand for this. so with a pure heart and strange manger flashbacks, Cameron takes it upon himself to help his friend save the true spirit of Christmas. This movie, from what I got from the trailer, has everything. Presents, Santa, Mangers, Wise Men, A Black Guy in a sweater vest making stereotypical evangelist sounds stolen straight from Coming to America, family, trees, Pagan symbols, Kirk Cameron and Kirk Cameron.

Supposedly the thing is supposed to be a Comedy, but there is not a single funny moment in it. I have come down off of harsh acid trips without the kind of mental and spiritual backlash I got from this two minute trailer. Get out your high horse, ride it up to your soapbox and set out the propaganda cookies. Hide your kids and burn your laptops, this thing will leave you wide eyed, drooling and simply asking, "What the [email protected]#$ did I just watch?"


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