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This game really has to be one of the most unique cases in video game history. Of course its budget was singularly individual in the sense that it was astronomical!! But also, the game did so incredibly well, purely based upon the reputation of the developers. Now of course, this happens with the likes of Rockstar all the time, but then of course GTA is an established franchise. Ah but what about Red Dead Redemption you ask...touche.

But the real reason why I'm trying to emphasise Destiny's individuality is due to the fact that I can't believe a game that is so devoid of any really outstanding material is doing so well. I mean, I'm still playing the damned thing over and over and it really doesn't deserve it. As an avid RPG fan, I should really obliterate this game from my life as the total lack of narrative and character development is quite unforgivable. Oh and content, there's no content.


Alas, I still own it and I still play it and I'm still trying to get to level 30! Thankfully though, this remarkable gentleman has discovered a way to reach level 30 with ease. No, I'm not talking about myself, I'm referring to Goldvision.

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How to Reach Level 30 in Destiny!

Ohh yes, I went there! Well...he went there. I just thought this video was absolutely hilarious and I had to share it with you all! But seriously, there is a great guide to farming, strikes and more above, just follow the link. And no, Vault of Glass isn't actually that easy, but there's one way you can make it ten times more manageable! There is a link below which can give you a seriously in depth guide to the Vault of Glass Raid! But if you're looking for more videos to laugh at about Destiny, then check out the one below!

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What works about the above video is how unfortunately accurate it is. I really don't know how Bungie allowed this game to be released sometimes in its current state. I don't know, it felt like they had a great game in mind and then Activision stepped in and went...yeah looks good, but you gotta take about half of that stuff out and the players can receive it somewhere within the next ten years for hundreds more dollars...

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