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I've finally found a bird that watches Star Wars more than I do: Meet Bluey, the budgie that can imitate everyone's favorite astromech unit, R2-D2. Bluey is described by his humans as naturally curious, and as such, they've taken a liking to seeing how fast Bluey can learn new sounds. According to Carli Jeffrey:

Bluey was our first budgie and our seven-year old daughter hand-raised him. He has always been a curious bird, he was really intrigued by our voices and the cockatoos we have in our garden - he even copied the noise the crested pigeons make when they take off. We played R2D2 sounds off Youtube to him four or five times and a few days later our daughter came running in saying he was doing R2D2.

Here's Bluey, being a total pro:

It's always fun to get our furry friends in on the Star Wars fun (their patience and well-being permitting): from dressing our mostly-tolerant cats up for Halloween to bringing the dog along to a convention dressed as Chewbacca. Some animal lovers take it one step above that - here are my favorites!

Dogs Bark the Imperial March

I am not even sure what I just watched, but a part of me feels bad for it. The other part of me is all about it. This was a Superbowl ad for Volkswagen back in 2012, and it's one of my favorites.

Jedi Kittens Strike Back

"Jedi Kittens" found it's epic sequel in this adorable parody! I'm gonna cough up a hairball before the end of this article.

Cat Watching Star Wars

This furball is super invested as he watches Luke, Wedge and the rebels head in to destroy the Death Star.

AT-AT Day Afternoon

Forget everything. This is the cutest Star Wars-related pet video on the internet, and I want a tiny AT-AT right now.


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