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The nominations are out and the whole world can begin to make their educated (or uneducated) guesses to who they believe will scoop up the top honors of the evening that will be on the 22nd of February this year! I decided I would do my yearly pitch on who will win. Overall I was a bit dissapointed with some of the snubs this year.. The likes of Gone Girl, Interstellar, Hobbit and Cake were some real good quality movies left out this year. Anyhow, here are my predictions!

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Who I think will win: Whiplash

This highly-spoke of movie starring Miles Teller and J.K Simmons will be a hot contender this year telling the story of an extremely talented drummer pushed to the limits by an aggressive J.K Simmons. The music is great and I can see this being the winner with The Theory of Everything being it's main competition.

Best Original Screenplay:

Who do I think will win: Boyhood

This is a very well done movie that I saw a couple of months ago and instantly knew it was an Oscar contender by the whole production. This category is insanely talented with the likes of Birdman, Foxcatcher and Nightcrawler being hot choices for this award too. I personally would like Nightcrawler to win but I think it will be Boyhood.

Visual Effects:

Who I think will win: Interstellar

This is the category for the years blockbusters with the likes of: Captain America: WInter Soldier, Dawn of The Planet of The Apes, Guardians of The Galaxy and finally X-Men: Days of Future Past all of which had great visual effects respectively.. But I may be biased in this instance in hoping for Interstellar. I thought space and and all the effects were beautiful in comparison to the like-wise great other nominees. This category could go to anybody!

Best Original Score:

Who I think will win: Interstellar

Composer Hans Zimmer was instructed by Christopher Nolan to make a unique score: "It's time to reinvent. The endless string [ostinatos] need to go by the wayside, the big drums are probably in the bin." Nolan did not provide Zimmer a script or any plot details for writing music for the film and instead gave the composer "one page of text" that "had more to do with [Zimmer's] story than the plot of the movie".

I really hope Interstellar wins this one because I think this is one of Hans Zimmer's best scores he's ever done.. Give it a listen if you already haven't!


Who I think will win: Birdman

I'm about 90% sure on this one, I would be extremely bewildered if Emmanuel Lubezki doesn't win the award because the film is spectacular in that it honestly looks like one continuous shot which would be very tedious to have to shot so credits to Emmanuel for that.

Best Director

Who I think will win: Richard Linklater

Richard Linklater has invested over 12 years into this masterpiece of a movie and although I would prefer if Alejandro G. Iñárritu won for Birdman (which he very may could!). It's always tough to call the best director which can be a controversial, curve-ball category. Overall I do believe it will be Richard Linklater

Best Animation Feature:

Who I think will win: How To Train Your Dragon 2

This was a tough one to call with the opposition being Big Hero 6. I would prefer Big Hero 6 but the critics seem to love this animated franchise. I expect this one to win but only at about 65% sure..

Actress (Supporting)

Who I think will win: Meryl Streep

The queen of the Oscars is back once again and better than ever. Her role in the hit Into the Woods is one of her best performances in recent years. She's energetic, charismatic and absolutely steals the screen. I really hope she gets it, I just hope the Academy aren't too obnoxious to cast a vote for Into The Woods.

Actor (Supporting)

Who I think will win: J.K Simmons

This category is one of the most talented ones I've ever seen. The likes of Edward Norton, J.K Simmons, Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke is insanely good! My favorite of all those would have to be Mark Ruffalo's convincing performance is Foxcatcher but I think J.K Simmons will scoop up this award for his performance in Whiplash.

Actress (Leading):

Who I think will win: Julianne Moore

Again, this is another great, highly talented category full of amazing performances over the last year. The likes of Rosamund Pike in the shy of nominations, Gone Girl is also a hot contender. I'm really looking forward to see who wins this one! P.S. Dissapointed not to see Jennifer Aniston not nominated for Cake.

Actor (Leading):

Who I think will win: Steve Carell (Foxcatcher)

This year I think the leading actress is category is better than the leading actor, but in saying that, that doesn't take away from the fantastic talent in this category. I really think Steve Carell's portrayal as John DuPont is the role that will get the comedy-actors first Oscar. I saw the trailer for this movie many months ago and instantly thought this is his Oscar winning movie and I will stick to my guns for the Oscars.

Best Picture:

Who I think will win: Boyhood

This for me was an easy choice.. I'm fairly certain that this one will bag the Best Picture. I had a hunch right after I saw the movie and that hunch progressed on the weeks after seeing it. It's biggest opposition in my opinion is Birdman and some underdogs like Selma and Whiplash.


Costume design: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Film Editing: Boyhood

Make-up and Hairstyling: Foxcatcher

Original Song: Everything is awesome (Lego Movie)

Production Design: Into The Woods

Sound Editing: Interstellar


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