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I'm sorry, what's that? We don't post enough about Frozen for your taste?! Don't worry, we have plenty to keep us going until Frozen 2 comes out. Whenever, and if ever, that is (we have some theories).

The talented young artist Yoko posted her work on Tumblr and, as is the case with most things [Frozen](movie:411685), it got a lot of well-deserved attention. It makes me wish that we could actually see a darker, stop-motion movie with Tim Burton behind the camera. When you think about the story, it had the potential to take a pretty dark turn...

It looks like Elsa has more to fear than the monsters under the bed or her icy powers.

Now there's some princess hair that I can relate to.

But which sister would be voiced by Helena Bonham Carter?

Anna open your eyes! Can't you see that Hans literally has two faces? You cannot trust him. Also, he would be played by Johnny Depp. Obviously.

I like how Elsa is around 65% eyes, just how Burton would want it.

In this version, underneath Kristoff's gloves are actually a pair of scissorhands. But instead of scissors it's just 10 finger-sized pickaxes. He is in the ice business, after all.

Is it just me or do these characters look cooler than the originals? Just me? Okay.

Now if someone could just remix the Frozen soundtrack to have a more Burton-y feel we'd be well on our way to sending this idea over to Disney for production. Okay, that's a lie.

But could you imagine the crossover during Halloween and Christmas between Frozen and Nightmare Before Christmas at Disneyland? That alone should make this project worth looking into. Or maybe I just need to......let it go.

What would you guys think of a Tim Burton inspired Frozen? Best of two worlds? Worst of two worlds? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Which Tim Burton-ified Frozen character is your favorite?


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