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Anyone who knows me is pretty well-aware of my obsession with Key & Peele. The comedy duo is enjoying a successful new season of their hit Comedy Central show, and while it's been pretty evident that they're huge geeks (they've done skits on Steampunk fashion, video games, Liam Neeson's performance as Ra's Al Ghul, and tons more) their latest skit, where Jordan Peele dresses up as Stan Lee himself, must have gone through a few different levels of approval.

In the skit, our Generalissimo heads into the [Marvel](channel:932254) writers' room with ideas for new superheroes. These superheroes, though, seem to have a pretty specific demographic -- the elderly. Check out the skit below:

After being rejected by the writers, Peele's Stan Lee comes up with an interesting new superhero team that gets a standing ovation.

Well, it goes down something like that...


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