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Despite the fact that I am a HUGE comic book fan, I tend to very rarely stray into writing any Superhero Related articles. There are multiple reasons, the top one being that there are other creators here at Moviepilot with a LOT more knowledge than me on the subject, and I much prefer to read their articles than create my own around that genre. Having said that, today is the day I stray from the Young Adult page, comic book in hand, and onto to the Superhero Page to bring you my top female badasess of Marvel & DC TV shows and movies. Here we go:

Agent Peggy Carter (Marvel)

Peggy Carter, officer in the British Armed Forces and co-founder of SHIELD along with Howard Stark, is the very definition of "not judging a book by its cover." While she may take pride in her appearance, seeming to always be perfectly made up, this is not a woman you wanna mess with. She proved in Captain America 1 and in subsequent appearances, that she can definitely hold her own against anyone, and in addition to being smart and intelligent, can kick ass without so much as breaking a sweat.

Agent Carter is savvy, smart, sassy, and dangerous! So don't mess with her!

Lady Sif (Marvel)

I am a HUGE fan of Jaime Alexander and her portrayal of Lady Sif, so this one's easy!

Sif, Asgardian Warrior and Goddess of War, is a woman who looks every bit as lethal as she is. She has regularly fought alongside Thor and the Warriors Three, and has proven herself to be a formidable fighter and a great ally to have on your team. She's shown how intelligent she is, especially in matters relating to human technology. (There's an entire scene in Agents of SHIELD Season 1, where Coulson tries to explain some technology to her, and she admits that she is familiar with it, and that Asgard essentially had something like that back in the day but they're far more advanced now). She's a warrior and a fighter first and foremost, and will fight for those she loves and considers friends (*cough* Thor) or innocent people/allies (humans. In the case of her working with Coulson and his team to bring in Lorelei).

She's never been one to stand down from a fight, and as the only female warrior in Asgard, she is literally doing it for the sisters! (imagine I've started singing somewhere here)

Sara Lance/The Canary (DC)

Let's all just take a minute shall we?

Because I'm still not over, nor will I ever be over, Sara's death. We all knew it was bound to happen at some point, but I'd hoped it'd be in an honorable way, like mid fight. Not multiple arrows and then falling violently to her death off the top of a building.


Sara Lance, a.k.a. The Canary, was by far my favorite character on Arrow, and not least because of Caity Lotz and how much of a badass she is in real life. (Watch The Machine - she did all her own stunts, you'll see what I'm talking about). She was kind, driven, and intelligent and would stop at nothing to protect those she loved. She was never manipulative or cruel, to the point where she may just be one of the nicest killers. No, really.

Let's all raise our imaginary glasses in a tribute to Sara.

Felicity Smoak (DC)

Felicity Smoak, computer hacker, tech expert and genius extraordinaire, is my second favorite character after Sara (female wise). She's highly intelligent, compassionate and caring, and without her I doubt Oliver would be able to succeed in his Vigilante business as well as he does. For someone who is primarily always the smartest person in the room, she never lets that get to her head, and for all her explaining of her work, has never belittled anyone. Add in the fact, that she's adorably quirky and has a history with unintended innuendos, and you can't help but love her.

"It feels really good having you inside me." - Felicity Smoak, ladies and gentlemen. Felicity Smoak. *dies of laughter*

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Marvel)

I've mentioned before that Angelina Jolie is my ultimate girl crush, and if you were ever wondering who number two on that list was (I legit have a list. A mental list, but a list nonetheless), well, you're looking at her. Scarlett Johansson, does a fantastic job at playing Natasha/Black Widow, there's no doubt about that, and part of my love for how Natasha's been brought to life onscreen is down to Johansson's portrayal of her.

Black Widow is a highly-skilled, highly-trained former SHIELD Agent. She's fluent in multiple languages, has proven and shown that she is extremely intelligent and able to process information very quickly, and even at her worst, is as lethal as a human can get. She's a master spy, with many aliases, and is able to easily persuade people to do her bidding. Although she has a questionable past, and can kill without a second thought, she's shown to have a humorous side (with Rogers and Barton) in addition to being loyal to those she considers friends.

She is the very definition of a badass, and I'm sure if you asked her, she'd probably agree. Gotta love Black Widow!

Faora (DC)

Where do I even begin with Faora?

Before seeing Man of Steel, I knew NOTHING of her character. I haven't read many DC Comics (in saying that, if you have any recommendations, feel free to comment and tell me which ones, I welcome all recommendations), so knew nothing about her character, or even the fact that there would actually be a badass female character like her in the film. And then she showed up, and completely blew my freakin' mind with how awesome she was. She was strong, physically and mentally, deadly, and cunning. She wasn't afraid to fight, and took down anything and anyone in her path.

She was so much of a badass, that I'm basically crowning her as my favorite female character in any Superhero film to date, AND I'm including not one, but TWO clips of her badassery, because why the hell not?

Faora vs. Soldiers

Faora vs. Superman (Hell YEAH!!)

So there you have it, ladies and gents, my top female characters of Marvel and DC's current Universes both TV and Film!


Disagree with my top choice? Tell me who your ultimate Female Badass would be!


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