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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Any murder case is shocking, but a child committing such terrible acts is perhaps the most shocking of all. These tragic cases highlight some of the most terrible incidents of children who kill, more frightening than any horror movie...

Alex King, 12, and Derek King, 13

Alex, 12, and Derek, 13, killed their father
Alex, 12, and Derek, 13, killed their father

Location: Florida, 2001

Alex and Derek King were abandoned by their drug-addict mother and had been pushed around foster homes for years before they snapped, beating their father to death with a baseball bat as he slept. Years later, the boys have now been released from juvenile detention and are trying to build lives for themselves.

Chilling Fact: The case was said to be affected by child molester Ricky Chavis' interest in Alex, who despite allegations that he made Alex perform sex acts on him, the boys were drawn to. Derek said 'we looked up to Ricky.'

Sam Manzie, 15

Location: New Jersey, 1997

Sam Manzie was only 15 when he invited Eddie Werner, 11, into his house. The younger boy was selling candy to raise school funds, and certainly was not expecting his violent end. Manzie raped and strangled little Eddie before hiding his body in a suitcase, which he dragged to the woods.

Chilling Fact: Manzie had been groomed by convicted New York pedophile Stephen Simmons, a fact which authorities believe may have led to Manzie's frustration, violence and ultimately, murderous act.

Cristian Fernandez, 13

Location: Florida, 2011

Cristian Fernandez had a terrible start in life: at 2 years old, authorities found him wandering dirty and naked in the street. He was sexually and physically abused by family members. Still, everyone was shocked when 13-year-old Cristian beat his 2-year-old half brother to death.

Chilling Fact: Cristian was also charged with sexually assaulting another half-brother, who was only 5 years old. The charges were ultimately dropped.

Daniel Bartlam, 14

Location: Nottingham, UK, 2011

Daniel Bartlam was already odd and reclusive, creating bizarrely violent videos and stories - but everyone just thought he was a strange kid. That all changed on Easter Sunday, 2011. After eating his Easter eggs, he crept into his mom's bedroom and hit her seven times around the head with a claw hammer. He then torched the family home.

Chilling Fact: Simon Matters, Daniel's mom's ex-partner told The Star:

He’d have plastic boxes full of figurines but he’d urinated in the boxes. He’d also defecated all over the bedroom in boxes... I found he had a bag of [his mom's] underwear. It was brushed over at the time, but later it appeared more sinister.

Jordan Brown, 11

Location: Wampum, PA, 2009

One cold February day in Wampum, Pennsylvania, 11-year-old Jordan Brown shot and killed his father's 8 1/2 months pregnant fiancée, Kenzie Houk, with a .20-gauge shotgun as she slept. Tragically, the unborn child also died from the shooting.

Chilling Fact: The prosecution asserted that Jordan murdered Kenzie because he was jealous of her stealing his father's attention away, so he shot her in cold blood.

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Which of these real life cases of children who kill did you find the most shocking?

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