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According to Deadline, the company known for its childhood connections and toylines, Hasbro, is in backstage talks to buy or merge with DreamWorks, a studio that has produced at least one film that defines a childhood fantasy for nearly everyone. The merger, if talks are successful, will turn the company into a "family entertainment powerhouse" that will go by the name of Dreamworks-Hasbro.

As some have begun to point out, however, DreamWorks and Disney's Pixar Studios seem to have been each other's consistent competitors for about the past two decades. While on the surface, this seems to be a minor detail, Hasbro's success is severely dependent upon Disney, with Disney owning the licensing for some of Hasbro's main sources of income.

The license include: Marvel and its superhero successes, Star Wars which is expected to take yet another dramatic increase in sales next year with the release of Episode VII, and the Disney brand movies themselves including the Disney Princesses, which according to Rob Bricken from IO9, was recently snagged away from Mattel, one of Hasbro's biggest competitors.

While these toy rights being taken from Hasbro could be quite an issue, we must also consider all the cool DreamWorks movies we could end up seeing as a result of this: Candy Land, Monopoly, Magic: The Gathering, Clue, all which have been considered for films in past years with little progress.

Hasbro's already well-known films based on their properties include Transformers, G.I. Joe, the recently released horror film Ouija, Battleship, and the internet craze My Little Pony.

Could this be the end of the relationship between Hasbro and Disney? Or could this acquiring of DreamWorks by Hasbro be Disney's ticket to controlling their competition behind the scenes? While nothing is remotely close to being official, it's clear that either way things end up going, the repercussions will affect the future of animation and of childhood entertainment. For better or worse.


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