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[The Walking Dead](series:201193) comic book fans can attest to the fact that we haven't really been taken on any kind of detour from the comics so far in Season 5 of the TV show. The storyline with The Hunters has followed the comics pretty faithfully up to this point. But now, we are at a crucial juncture as the AMC show is entering uncharted territory.

The events that are next to come, starting with the episode entitled "Consumed", are going to be a surprise to even the most knowledgeable and speculative fans. The comic books don't include what happens at Grady Memorial Hospital, or even have Beth Greene in them.

Which leads me to this UK promo for "Consumed". The episode will follow Carol and Daryl after they decided to chase the car with the cross sign in "Strangers". They are headed to the Grady Memorial Hospital back in Atlanta, where Beth is being held captive. We will find out how the hospital group discovered Carol, who was unconscious, being transported to one of the rooms during the end of "Slabtown."

This screenshot comes from The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page. It appears to show two walkers, one of which is significantly shorter than the other and has tiny little hands!

For some reason, the non-US promos actually tend to show more than the US promos. And speaking of children, we did see this promo clip of Daryl helping Carol burn a body. It appears to be a child's.

The sad moment shared by Daryl and Carol could be a reminder of Sophia. Perhaps, they are "consumed", as the episode title suggests, with guilt over how things transpired.

So, while it's definitely rare to see children as walkers on the show, it's important to remember that in the pilot episode, the very first walker we saw at the gas station was a little girl that Rick was forced to shoot dead. Remember her?

I think since that was the pilot, being provocative was key to gain initial viewers, but obviously it's off-putting to have too many children walkers or to have to kill kids constantly throughout the show. Sophia's death was already gut-wrenching enough! One sad explanation for why we don't see children walkers is simply the fact that they may get eaten before they can get away and transform into walkers. Or they just get overpowered and killed off every time. There's also the sad reality that hiring child actors to play walkers isn't logistically easy to do.

What do you think? Do you want to see more kids as walkers? Or is that too brutal?

(via The Spoiling Dead Fans)


Do you think there should be more kid walkers?


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