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so im going to try and go into as much detail as i can here so here it is. everyone is wondering how will Tony stark power his suit now that he threw away his arc reactor well i have thought up a theory.... Extremis yep and here is why i think this first of all we have already seen may prototypes of this armour in the mk6,bone's and mk42 armour and in theses we have seen the armour develop now it could be fine for me to leave it at that but wait there's more. i believe that there could be some motivation behind this as Tony has the arc reactor removed he starts to feel weak as of all the power gone so he decides to take what is left of the extremis serum and inject himself. his body accepts the serum but has a different affect he can connect with his armour witch would explain why in the Avengers age of ultron trailer as the high pitched sound from ultron happens everyone but Tony stark is affected also the armour we seen in the avengers age of ultron extended trailer #2 has the same streamline figure as it does in the comics so what do you think? extremis armour yay or nay??


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