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Recently, I got the opportunity to read the new book by the legendary Dan Wallace entitled "DC Comics: Super-Villains, The Complete Visual History", which is essentially a Bible to the super-villains in the DC Universe, complete with 159 pages of DC's best super-villain artwork, the villains' publication history, identities, powers, origin, and any other important information you could imagine, with a super-sick mini poster that is currently hanging on the wall in my room like the true superhero fanatic that I am.

The author, Daniel Wallace has also worked professionally in the realms of Indiana Jones, Smallville, and Supernatural. Take a look at what this

Which super-villain is your favorite and why?

I’m a sucker for Lex Luthor. He’s such a great foil for Superman. Lex doesn’t have any powers but he’s ridiculously smart, while Superman has ALL the powers but he’s average in the brains department and probably too trusting for his own good. But even though it’s Superman who’s technically the alien, Lex is such a sociopath that Superman ends up being the more human of the two.

Which villain did you learn the most about by making this book (if any), and if so, what fact or facts fascinated you most?

Giganta is a Wonder Woman foe who can grow to super size. Many fans know her best from her appearances with the Legion of Doom in the old Challenge of the Super Friends cartoon. But Giganta has been in comics since 1944, and at first she didn’t grow at all. Instead, she was a gorilla that had been artificially evolved into a human!

What inspired you to begin working on the book?

I’ve always liked villains. What would Batman be without the Joker? Villains are the other side of the coin when it comes to heroes. They’re the shadow that gives definition to the light. The opportunity to dig into classic rogues galleries like Green Lantern’s or the Flash’s was too good to pass up.

With all of the film projects you've been involved with, what experience do you feel was most fun to you personally?

I wrote the official art book for Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, which involved time spent on the set at Fox Studios Sydney. As a fan of the new wave of superhero movies and a lifelong comics reader, being able to stand in the Daily Planet newsroom or inside the Fortress of Solitude was something I’ll never forget.

Where can people hope to find your book, whether it be on shelves or online?

'DC Comics Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History' is available in bookstores or on Amazon HERE! You can also find more information on the Insight Editions website HERE!

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