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Interstellar is Christopher Nolan’s latest movie.

So the story of this movie is that the earth is running out of resources, all they have left is corn and that is running out, dust clouds everywhere. Nolan establishes this really well, the planet is desolate, life looks so crappy with dust and dirt on everything, a large majority of the people are now farmers because they need more food. To put it simply I would NOT want to live there.

The earth is basically dying and the only solution is to go out, through a wormhole into another galaxy to find another planet that is suitable for human life. And the pilot of this expedition is of course Matthew Mcconaughey along with Anne Hathaway (other actors) and a robot block thing.

Matthew Mcconaughey was great in this movie, he’s the main character and he shoulder’s a large burden of this film and he does it so well.

Mackenzie Foy, the girl that played r Murph, was fantastic! Seriously whenever there are kids in a film, it’s super risky, they could literally make the film just feel fake and crappy if they can’t act, but this girl can act, and I really felt her presence and her emotion. What is even better is the chemistry between Mcconaughey and the daughter, they go back and forth and you’re watching it and you just feel consumed with the emotions they feel, and when he goes off into space you really care about his character and you want him to come back as bad as Murphy wanted him to come back.

Now that is what makes strong characters.

The son? Not so much, I felt like he was neglected in this movie, and it probably would have been better just not having him at all, it made me feel like Mcconaughey really played favourites \with his daughter, and sort of took away from the emotive father figure that he was.

And then we go into space. This movie really used the element of relativity well, and how time passes slower when you are experiencing immense speeds and the implications of that. Visually as well the movie was spectacular and the music, the music was brilliant, it utilised the booming sounds of an organ and an orchestra to really reach that climax, and the bass was incredible, it was deep and rumbly, seriously there was a scene where they are taking off, and the bass was making the whole cinema shake and then the thrusters turned off and the music suddenly stopped and you literally felt like you were drifting in space where there is no sound and no sense of direction.

Unfortunately the pacing for this movie seemed a little off, some bits of the film progressed at a good pace and others it seemed to lull a little bit and not going to lie it lost my attention for a little bit. It didn’t flow and it didn’t feel like it was going in a specific direction, it just felt like they were in another galaxy doing stuff…. Trying to save the human race.

This definitely wasn’t a perfect movie, and for me I want to express my opinions on the film but the film is based on the premise that you don’t know much going into it and the trailer does a good job not give too much away but enough to intrigue you to go see the movie.

However, this movie does not rely on the element of space exploration, it really hinges on the relationship between Mcconaughey and his daughter and that is what drives the film, and seriously it is a great relationship that really captivates the viewers. Without it, it is honestly a bit of a mess.

Interstellar is a gripping sci-fi adventure film, with great characters and great acting, but it didn’t quite reach the level that people were expecting. People wanted this to be the next 2001: A Space Odyssey and it just wasn’t.

These are my thoughts on Christopher Nolan's latest film, Interstellar. Comment down below and let me know what you think!

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