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Ever since the Justice League animated series, I, and I hope many of you, have been a fan of Hawkgirl (or Hawkwoman, if you prefer.)

My favorite interpretation being Shayera Hol, a law enforcement officer from the planet Thanagar and wife of Katar Hol, also known as Hawkman. Other interpretations include Shiera Saunders, the reincarnation of the Egyptian princess Chay-Ara.

Hawkgirl has been a member of the Justice League in various versions over the years, usually partnered with her husband. The Hawk family gained popularity thanks to Bruce Timm's DC Animated Universe.

But are they popular enough to be integrated into the cinematic universe?

There existence has already been teased in the Man of Steel prequel comic; Thanagarians being marked as Barbaric.

Don't know how they could've gotten that reputation
Don't know how they could've gotten that reputation

One thing that was great about Hawkgirl was the fact she was an exotic alien, with angelic wings, but a not so angelic attitude to match! Many have likened her personality to be like Wolverine... You could see why.

So, if Hawkgirl were to appear in the DC Cinematic Universe, she'd need an actress who could meet these requirements. Thus, my choice for her would be...

What a resemblance...
What a resemblance...

Indian actress, singer, PRIYANKA CHOPRA!

Chopra is a well-known Indie-film actress, and was the former Miss World pageant winner. She's also an accomplished singer. Some of you may recognize her from her single "Exotic" featuring Cuban rapper, Pitbull. If you ahven't heard it, check it out, it's catchy, and believe me, she ain't too bad to look at!

Recently, Chopra is set to appear in the movie Mary Kom, as the titular character, based on five-times female World Boxing Champion and Olympic bronze medalist, Mary Kom.

Look at dem muscles!
Look at dem muscles!

Chopra was exposed to extensive training to prepare for her role, including conditioning, weight-training and boxing for over two years.

Chopra's Indian background and experience with training for a role puts her as a fantastic candidate for the beautiful winged alien, butt-kicking avenger we all know!

Giver her some red hair (right) and she got it all!
Giver her some red hair (right) and she got it all!

Chopra's current age is 32, stands a reasonable 5 feet, 7 inches and has those beautiful green/hazel eyes! Physically, a great choice for Hawkgirl! Acting wise, I'll leave that up for you guys to decide for yourselves...

So what do you think...


Do you think Priyanka Chopra should portray Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl in the DC Cinematic Universe?


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