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Christina Tenisha Small

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, VA Family, but in the spirit of honesty, and fulfilling my duty to keep you all updated on any news I hear, as I have been doing since last year, I have to write this quick post to let you all know that a Frostbite Film for 2015 is NOT happening.

I've seen some rumours and things spreading over social media, because someone's seen a listing for it on IMDb, and so I have to remind you all, that IMDb, like Wikipedia, can be edited by ANYONE. Not everything you see on there, is true, or indeed accurate.

I know we all want a sequel, or a TV show, or really anything, but Preger Entertainment and the Producers have always been VERY open, in keeping us up to date and letting us know of any news as and when it happens.

If a Vampire Academy sequel is on the way, the first people you will hear it from will be OVAM, so let's stay positive, but try not to spread false hope among the fandom.

As of yet, neither Preger or indeed OVAM, have announced any plans for a sequel or a reboot, or a TV show. Nor have any cast members been confirmed.

As of now, nothing is in the works.

Stay Positive , and as I said, let's try not to spread false hope.


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