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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

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Arrow this week had a lot packed into it and many different things going on. So many interesting twist and turns and the way they are building different subplots is really making it a great show to watch every week. The way they are building come of the characters and the changes to them is fun to watch. It’s also great seeing the way they are building Ted Grant in and not just throwing him into everything.

We start off right after the flashbacks with seeing Roy zoning out and Ollie waking him up. They are outside of a warehouse where a heroin deal is going down. They split up with Diggle and Oliver taking different entrances and Roy taking the roof. Once inside they find the gang members and the drug dealers taken out and hung up with the word guilty written in blood on the floor. As they are trying to find out who Paco is Ollie tells Roy to take the rest of the night to rest because he is no use dead on his feet. There is then a flashback scene showing Ollie tracking a guy through a Chinese market to get a message he received. Once he is down he doesn’t have it on him and Ollie says he didn’t see him stash it. After that we come to two of the main characters for this weeks episode Laurel and Ted Grant. We see them training and he gives her a new lesson to not get rattled by surprises. After training he offers to take her out for Korean tacos. Roy then asks Felicity if she can test his blood for Mirakuru who you can tell doesn’t believe his reason of not sleeping for what he wants to know. Ollie tracks Paco down who just happens to be strung up at Grants gym with the word guilty written in blood on the floor again.


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