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JFK was killed by the government. The moon landing was faked. The government is covering up the existence of UFO’s. The Illuminati control the world.

All of these are commonly known conspiracy theories that most of society rejects. Reasons range from lack of evidence to just not wanting to believe in such terrible things. However there are people who believe these things and dedicate their lives to exposing the truth. They’re called crazy, paranoid and become outcasts. “Deep State” #1 comes along and declares that all of these conspiracies are true and there is an active operation working to cover it all up.

“Deep State” follows Ms. Branch, an agent working in Washington D.C. She’s investigating a twenty year old murder that she’s been told not to work on. She is sent home and waiting for her there is John Harrow. John Harrow works in the shadows covering up any traces of the truth. All those conspiracy theories you thought were made up by paranoia? All true and he’s there to recruit Branch into his organization that works to cover all of it up, keep them theories. She says yes and they go off on their first mission together.

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