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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

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I will be completely honest and say that I did not like “Batgirl” #35 all that much. I was turned off by the new change and there were some things I found a little problematic. At New York Comic Con, the week that book released, I had the opportunity to interview writer/artist Cameron Stewart. I of course brought up “Batgirl” and we ended up talking about where the series was going. It was more than enough to get me to buy “Batgirl” #36. Batgirl has always been a favorite character of mine so I felt the need to really give this team a shot. “Batgirl” #36 is a huge improvement over “Batgirl” #35 and has me genuinely excited for the next issue.

“Batgirl” #36 really feels like a different comic. I was turned off of last month’s issue not by the light tone (contrary to popular belief I do like fun stuff) but more by the way Barbara behaved. It felt off to me that Barbara was drunk and possibly hooking up with random men. It didn’t feel like her. I was also pretty bugged by the way over the top bad guy who verbally said “hashtag”. All those complaints may still stand but “Batgirl” #36 kicks a whole lot of ass. Barbara is the smartest lady in the room and isn’t afraid to show it off. Her inner monologue felt like her again. The story is not as dark as what Gail Simone was doing but that’s just fine. The twins felt like a real threat and they gave her a run for her money.

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