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Beauty Sleep is a 13-minute long short film from Run Rabbit Films and Canadian filmmaker Andrew Robinson. As the movie starts, you are dropped directly into the middle of a twisted nightmare. Actress Maura Stephens finds herself surrounded by masked figures, and sometimes even finds herself shrouded by the all-white face.

Beauty Sleep is a sensory overload of sights and sounds that leaves you questioning what you just saw. You wind up feeling like you are a character in The Ring and when it's over you find yourself waiting for the phone to ring. Robinson packs several references to other filmmakers into the 13 minutes, including some very obvious homages John Carpenter and David Lynch and their movies They Live! and Eraserhead.

Despite the lack of dialogue, you are taken on a wild ride through the psyche of Stephens' character Mary Lynn as she encounters faceless strangers, alarm clocks, flashing lights, and inner demons. The movie is a stylistic and experimental piece and was recently featured in both the Toronto Indie Film Festival and the Cellar Door Film Festival.


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