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A few Marvel Cinematic Universe thoughts for Today:

If Marvel is smart, they'll throw in either a Planet Hulk film or that story line(possibly spread out from avengers 2-Inhumans/Avengers3) in Phase 3 with main villain, The Leader, and start Phase 4 with a World War Hulk style Finale pitting him against General Ross as "Red Hulk." (With the assist from Doc Samson? Who we saw in The Incredible Hulk's first outing in the MCU. Or, even better, or also, the Assist from newly popular Dr. Strange.)

Phase 4 starts with Iron Man 4 being pitted against The Mandarin as well as another secondary, most awesome villain. It is also in my personal opinion that Tony Stark go into space and join the Guardians for at least one film, whether it be 2 or 3, in addition to an Iron Man 4. Him NOT showing up in Avengers 4 would be OK with me if he at least did the Guardians thing and his last Solo outing well.

Phase 4 includes a Captain America film as the last of Steve Rogers' turn as Cap, notably passing the torch to Bucky (or possibly Sam Wilson). Whether or not they're killing Steve Rogers, remains to be seen, but I think it would be best to have another solo outing for these characters post Avengers 3 before scrapping them altogether. (Imagine Captain America: Fallen Son?)

If Thor 3 and Avengers 3 is really the last of the story to be told for Thor, I'd be okay without having a Thor 4 in the mix, but as I said, I prefer the Heroes have a Final Solo Outing before being done in the Universe. Plus, Thor deserves one film WITHOUT Loki, not that I don't Absolutely Love him. Possibly Post-Loki's death? death by execution, death by karma, or a redemption death. In Avengers 3 Part 2, presumably.

We do not know the kind of popularity Captain Marvel, [Black Panther](movie:9047), Inhumans, and Dr. Strange will have in the overall Avengers-Crossover-verse, but it's safe to assume at least one of them will have a sequel and All will appear in either/or OR both parts of Avengers 3. Guardians 2 will presumably tie all these films together, more as a go-between, rather than, direct route to Inhumans or Avengers 3. [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113) should feature Adam Warlock AND Nova.

Sticking with Phase 2 now, Ant-Man. First of all, should the film be even as successful as The Incredible Hulk, He Should feature in Avengers 3, as should all or most characters, to make it much more Kick Ass considering we're getting, most likely, 2, 2 1/2 hour films. Also, Hank Pym, should be tied to the creation of Ultron. He started the program, possibly with Peggy Carter and Howard Stark? Tony Stark Re-booted it in Avengers 2 causing all this Chaos we've seen so far in the trailer. Ultron doesn't have to survive A2, but the residual effect and guilt SHOULD carry through to Ant-Man. Also, if there is no Ant-man Sequel in phase 4, he should pop up in another film, Maybe the Solo Hulk outing in Phase 4 I was mentioning earlier? or in addition to a sequel/Avengers 4?

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) Should, and most likely will, connect right into Cap 3, and Black Panther more than any other film. Do not feel Ant-Man should be featured in Post-Credits, just my opinion. If Ant-Man is to be featured in a post credits capacity, then I'm sure we'll see beginnings of What will be other films, in the body of the film itself. For example, Black Panther makes an ACTUAL APPEARANCE IN WAKANDA, due to the fact that we may see Ulysses Klaw in this film. Another example, Thor finds out what's happening on Asgard, and leaves Earth, which leads into Thor 3. Less likely, Thanos makes a light appearance tying into Guardians and Avengers 3. All Cap 3 prep is done in the body of the film (including Avengers split and Black Panther).

I am also OK without a stand alone Black Widow or Hawkeye film, but would hope they both show up in Cap 3, and of course, Infinity War. I would like them to at least reference what happened in Budapest, and make it relatively important. Flashback that story, and their childhood only as it's important to the story.

There's an Empty July Release date Marvel still currently has in 2016. in My opinion, Planet Hulk should go there, but, I'd be more than happy with a Standalone Civil War film, though I think that's unlikely. I think the bulk of the Civil War will happen in Cap 3, and the residual effect of it will Carry over into Infinity War. "By the way, I know we disagree about shit, but Thanos is gonna kill us if we don't get along" Not totally realizing that until the end of Part 1.

I hope Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch make a few Appearances throughout, where appropriate. If, in fact their Characters, are popular, and/or survive Age of Ultron. My next article will be about who could and may die, in the Age of Ultron film.


Which Un-announced film would you like to see? Besides a Stand-alone Civil War film.


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