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Ah, Napoleon Dynamite, the little indie comedy who could! Made on a $400,000 budget, the film went on to become an unlikely success and bring in $46 million dollars at the box office, dang that's sweet! Not only that, but it firmly implanted itself into pop culture for at least the next 10 years.

Napoleon was a socially awkward high school student, living with his older brother Kip, their grandmother, and their pet llama, Tina. He spent most of his time at school dodging bullies, daydreaming, and drawing mythical animals and ligers.

Oh, and dancing...

But what happened after we left Napoleon in that final scene, playing tether-ball with Deb? It turns out the actor who played Napoleon, Jon Heder, is still around and looking better than ever before!

Where is Jon now?

Napoleon Dynamite was Jon Heder's first feature film role, but since then the 37-year-old has continued to act. He has appeared in other well known films, particularly comedies, including The Benchwarmers, Blade of Glory, and When in Rome.

Jon's latest film, Walt Before Mickey, will be released in just a few short weeks on November 28th. In it, he plays Walt Disney's younger brother, Roy Disney, who helped fund the first incarnation of the Disney empire, called Disney Brothers.

Aside from his acting success, Jon and his wife Kirsten have also had three children, a girl and two boys. No doubt Jon plans to introduce them to Napoleon Dynamite some time in the future, though for now they haven't actually seen the cult classic!

Heder recently spoke to TheFIX and had this to say about his kids seeing him in his breakout role:

They have not actually [seen the film]. They know about it though. They love to tell people that's who I am but they've never really shown interest in watching it. They liked watching the animated [Napoleon Dynamite] series with me, so we'll see. I'm curious to see how they'll react when they see the real thing.

No doubt they'll love the film as much as we have over the last 10 years!

It's great to hear that 10 years after Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder is still making it in the movie business, and with a cute family to boot! Though through all of his success, I can't help but feel that his biggest success was getting rid of that perm, sorry Napoleon, someones gotta say it!


Which is your favorite Napoleon Dynamite adventure?

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