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Disneyland is a place where dreams come true, but in any land of dreams, nightmares lurk in the shadows... Most people who visit have a wonderful time, but sometimes an awful, tragic event happens, even in Disneyland.

Read on to discover a few of the most saddening and tragic things to ever happen at Disneyland...

1. Crushed at America Sings

Date: July 8, 1974

Attraction: America Sings

Deborah Stone was only 18 when she was a cast member at the America Sings attraction - surely a dream job for any young person. Sadly, at the ride intermission, Stone was caught between a platform and a revolving wall and was crushed to death. Disney altered the ride's structure with better safety options in response to the accident.


2. Disney Suicides

Dates: 1994, 1996 and 2008

Attraction: Disneyland Hotel

Despite Disneyland being a place people go to to experience some of the best life has to offer, it seems that some have their internal darkness thrown into stark relief by all the revelers around them.

There have been several recorded suicides at Disneyland resorts, including dentist John Newman Jr., who leapt to his death from the 14th floor of the Disneyland Hotel. In 1994 and 1996, two more people jumped from the 9th and 14th floors, respectively.


3. The Monorail Tragedy

Date: 1966

Location: The Monorail

19-year-old Californian Thomas Cleveland was killed when he climbed onto the monorail track to sneak into the park. Cleveland was hit by the monorail car, killing him, before his body was dragged 40 feet along the rail.


4. Pluto at the Parade

Date: February 11, 2004

Attraction: The Parade

In a horrible, freak accident, Javier Cruz - a 38-year-old cast member in full costume as Pluto the dog - was run over by the Beauty and the Beast parade float. The only small mercy was that the tragic event happened in the backstage area, meaning that no small children bore witness to the incident.


5. Rivers of America

Date: 1973

Attraction: Rivers of America

18-year-old Brooklynite Bogden Delaurot and his little brother, 10, hid in the Disney park island until closing time, when they tried to exit the island by swimming across the Rivers of America. The little boy was rescued from his desperate doggy paddling by a ride operator, but Bogden drowned, his body found the following day.


6. Death on the Skyway

Date: February 14, 1999

Attraction: Fantasyland Skyway

Valentine's Day, 1999 brought tragedy to Disneyland. Custodian Raymond Barlow, 65, was cleaning the platform at the Fantasyland Skyway station, when the ride switched on by accident. As he fell, he tried to grab onto a passing gondola to break his fall. He slipped and plummeted 40 feet into a flower bed by the Dumbo ride, fatally wounding him.


It's so sad to think of people dying at the happiest place in the world. After all, Disneyland is a magical place to visit!

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Have you ever been to Disneyland?

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