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Now, we all pretty much assumed that any new trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey would be sexy - after all, we're talking one of the most popular pieces of erotic fiction of all time here, being adapted for the big screen by actors who practically ooze sex appeal.

What we didn't really expect, though, was just how much of the film's kinky underbelly we'd get to see this far in advance of its Valentine's Day 2015 release date.

So, on top of the general air of sexiness and anticipation that we were very much anticipating, we've also been given a glimpse of some substantially bondage-filled action...

First, though, we get to see...

Sexy Suit Wearing

With bonus sexy Christian Grey back.

Sexy Ties

With bonus sexy foreshadowing.

Sexy Staring Out of Windows

With bonus sexy office design.

Sexy Elevator Moments

And, of course...

Sexy Post-Elevator Moments

With bonus sexy rain.

Sexy Photoshoots

With bonus sexy suit.

At which point the real action starts to kick off, and we get...

Even More Sexy Elevator Moments

With bonus increased sexiness throughout...

Sexy Buckling Up

With, again, bonus sexy foreshadowing.

And then, after sufficient teasing...

Sexy Undressing

With bonus sexy underwear.

Sexy Actual Sex

Which, being sex, needs no bonus sexiness.

Sexy Whips

Again, no bonus sexiness needed.

Sexy Ties Return

See what I mean about the foreshadowing?

Sexy Foreplay

Which arguably needs even less bonus sexiness than sex does - and marks the point where things start to get kinky, with...

Sexy Ice Cube Usage

With bonus sexy nudity.

Sexy Actual Bondage

With bonus sexy sweat beads.

Sexy Lip Touching

With bonus sexy prayer-like symbolism.

Sexy Fleeting Nudity

Which we don't see too much of, as we also get a sexy fade to black.

And, of course, one last dose of...

Sexy Full On Bondage

With bonus sexy implications of more to come.

To get the full effect, though?

You'll definitely need to watch the new trailer in full...

So - the big question then...what do you guys think?


The new 50 Shades trailer - Sexy or not?

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