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We've all suffered from a little shyness every now and then, but 3-year-old Lane Rouch was a little more shy than others. Her parents began to notice that this shyness was affecting her interactions with other people, and that's when her very talented mom helped bring the toddler out of her shell in an unusual, but totally cool way.

Jennifer Rouch is a huge Disney fan as well as a talented seamstress. She started using curtains and other up-cycled material to make dresses for her daughter on their frequent trips to Disney, but it turns out those costumes made for more than just great photos.

Jennifer told Today:

At first, I was making her costumes because she’s a little girl and it’s fun — but we noticed that the more we dressed her up, the more out of her shell she would become and the better she would get with the characters. And it was kind of eventually like you would never have known this child was shy a day in her life — it has made her have such a large personality.

Once you check out the photos of Lane at Disney in costume, it's amazing to see what a character this shy little 3-year-old becomes.

Check it out:

Lane as Belle with Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Not only are there two Belle's in this photo but they're doing the most Belle-like activity ever!

Lane as Rapunzel with Flynn Rider from Tangled

Love at first sight!

Lane as Wendy with Wendy and Peter Pan

I love big Wendy's expression! What a great photo.

Lane as Tinkerbell with Tinkerbell and Silvermist

Check out all those sparkles!

Lane as Cinderella with Prince Charming and her Fairy Godmother

They look ready to break into a chorus of Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

Lane as Jane with Jane and Tarzan

She matches big Jane perfectly!!

Lane as BoPeep with an Army Man from Toy Story

The hat and staff are perfect! She would be the best moving buddy!

Lane and Prince Eric and Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Aside from how awesome this photo is, her costume was made out of an old bed sheet and medical scrubs! Wow!

Lane as Anna with Anna and Elsa from Frozen

And check out those mini Anna and Elsa dolls!

Lane as Honey Lemon with Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6

I'm sure she has her power purse somewhere nearby!

For more amazing photos of Lane in her costumes at Disney, make sure you follow her on Instagram here. I can't wait to see who she dresses up as next!


What is your favorite costume of Lane's?

Source: MTV, Today


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