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Disney princesses represent all that is sweet and wholesome about the world. Strong girls and women with good hearts that are thrown into the most fantastical of situations, overcoming crazy obstacles, and in the end becoming more rounded people afterwards. That's a nice moral, right? Be good and reap the rewards.

So, what if the princesses were evil from the get go? Malevolent and as dark as a winter's midnight? They'd be even cooler right? Well, I think so at least, and so do these great artists who have depicted some of the most iconic Disney princesses in a devilish fashion.

Evil Mermaids

Snarky sirens
Snarky sirens

From DeviantArt user daekazu comes a darker reworking of the mermaids from The Little Mermaid. Ariel's just downright creepy man! Looks like she's ready to use that dinglehopper... ON YOUR EYES!

Bad Fairy

Am I a real boy?
Am I a real boy?

Why, Blue Fairy? WHY?! This crazy reimagining comes from the mind of Jeffrey Thomas. I love the way Pinocchio has a tear streaming down his only good eye. Is he aware of what he's doing or just straight up loving it?

Off White

Snow White and evil cast of critters are surely up to no good here. This is why I'm not a fan of forests. Well, one of the reasons... (via Jeffrey Thomas)


Tired of attracting attention from snooty princes and cheeky thieves, why not instruct your pet tiger to chow down on the fools? I love how Jasmine is turning into dust as if she were caught in a nightmare. (via Jeffrey Thomas)


This is downright badass! Cinderella as a living scarecrow is real creepy. (via Jeffrey Thomas)

That was some amazing art and some pretty cool concepts for the dark doppelgangers of a few of our favorite princesses. If you find any more, do feel free to link them in the comments. I'd love to take a look!

(Sources: Jeffrey Thomas, daekazu)


Which was your favorite evil Disney Princess?


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