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Technology might be responsible for the wonders of the internet and having tiny computers in our pockets, but it also has the more niche benefit of allowing us to make giant balloons that don't look like evil monsters. Which is nice.

These vintage snaps from Macy's Thanksgiving parade obviously look more brooding thanks to the black and white photography knocking the color out of the whole affair, but there's no denying these balloon beasts aren't quite right.

Trust me, you'll know what I mean when you flick through the ominous images below!

WHAT?! These Evil Bastards Can FLY Now?

That thing is totally filled with poisonous gas, FYI.


Soldier of Scares

An atom bomb as a hat, because why the hell not?


Forget the Headless Horseman, Bodiless Ballon Beasts are Where it's At!

It's just some manically grinning disembodied heads, nothing to see here!


Don't Look Him in the Eyes!

The cold dead eyes of a serial killer, but 200 times as large, hurrah!


What a Friendly Looking Chap!

The mop beard is specifically designed to sop up this dude's constant rage sweats


And the Award for Most Ominous Turkey Goes to...

Actually, I kind of love this one.


Safety in Numbers

Any ideas what this could be? Carnivorous cat dinosaur is my best guess, but suggestions from balloon experts are actively encouraged.



"I'm sorry sir, you have elephantiasis of the nose. We're going to have to amputate."


Which Balloon Would You Rather be Friends With?

(Source: Viral Nova)


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