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If there's one thing Damon's better at than looking hot, it's definitely a nice spot of casual murder, but could Elena's new flame Liam be next in line for a neck snapping?

As soon as I thought about Damon being confronted by Elena's newly blossoming relationship with a lowly human, I instantly thought this dude's days are numbered, but maybe the argument isn't so clean cut.

After all, Damon is pretty good at not slaughtering anyone when he is trying to impress Elena, and slaying her new love interest probably isn't going to win her affection back like a nice bouquet... Or her old memories being returned!

That being said, Damon doesn't exactly handle his emotions with a great deal of rationality. Nearly every time we have seen the oldest Salvatore brother experience heartbreak, it comes with a side order of murder.

It isn't difficult to imagine him totally snapping and acting on impulse, but the results could be disastrous for everyone's favorite ship. Elena has forgiven Damon for some truly heinous acts (like, say, murdering her own brother), but she always has happier memories to back her up. With these removed, it would be insane if she was so forgiving.

Personally, I'm gagging for a bit of bad boy Damon action because, let's face it, Liam is pretty damned annoying!

What do you guys think?


Would you like Damon to murder Liam?

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