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Spoilers ahead!

Did Christopher Nolan's multi-dimensional sc-fi romp leave you scratching your head? I was certainly a little confused by the time-and-space-shifting blockbuster because, well, I haven't got a degree in astrophysics. But thanks to this handy timeline chart I don't need one!

Prepare to be enlightened:

The chart was created by talented visual artist, Dogan Can Gundogdu, and goes some way to clearing up my foggy understanding of the movie's exact order of events. Using this infographic, you can not only trace the timeline of the movie to its conclusion, but also the individual characters' journeys through the black hole and back.

If that's not quite enough for you, check out this ridiculously detailed chart created by Reddit user sto-ifics42:

For a larger version, click here.

Though Interstellar is certainly complex, the film-makers took extra care to ensure it was all largely feasible. In fact, the movie's executive producer, Kip Thorne, is a real theoretical physicist and acted as a scientific advisor on the project.

It may be a coincidence but one of the robots in the movie is similarly named Kipp - perhaps a little tribute to all the hard work he did making sure Nolan's thrill ride retained its realism.


Did you completely understand Interstellar's plot until now?


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