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Spoilers ahead!

I previously posted about a handy timeline chart to help you wrap your head around the events of Interstellar. Complex as the film is, renowned astrophysicist and cosmologist Neil deGrasse Tyson has been examining the accuracy of the science behind it - and he seems impressed!

So it turns out that Nolan and crew put a lot of thought not only into making it an entertaining thrill ride (and it was!), but also ensured they got their equations right! Speaking to The Daily Beast, professor Tyson seemed more than happy with their maths:

In Interstellar, there’s a constant reminder that the Relativity of Time is a phenomenon to be reckoned with, thought about, and resolved. And the chalkboards in the film with the field equations are legit.

It's perhaps not surprising that Interstellar finished top of the science class, considering executive producer, Kip Thorne, is a theoretical physicist and acted as a scientific advisor on the project! Thorne has even written a book on the real-life physical laws that govern the film's universe.

The film is even more impressive now I know that everything in it is theoretically possible, and demonstrates Christopher Nolan's admirable attention to detail.

However, Tyson did have one minor gripe with the narrative, as did I!

Good point, although it wouldn't have made for great cinema if the film's major twist was solved right at the beginning!


Did you know everything in the movie was theoretically accurate?


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