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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Ever wanted to live in Sweden? Are you a huge fan of Predator? Aah, well then you're very much in luck! Because one house in Sweden comes complete with all the mod cons you and your family/cast of friends will enjoy for years to come: roof, floors, Predator heads on walls...

Imgur user wisnik came across the house listing on a Swedish property sales website that actually uploaded images of the gruesomely awesome decor, including a huge statue of Predator, a xenomorph from Alien and a home cinema designed to look like the interior of a Predator's spacecraft to name but a few things.

Nothing to see here. OR IS THERE?!
Nothing to see here. OR IS THERE?!

This is literally brilliant, but before gifting your eyes to this awesomeness, you have to listen to this to really set the mood!

That's better. Now, PICTURES!

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It.

"Straight chillin'"
"Straight chillin'"

Casual, you know. Why not have a huge replica of Predator in your hallway?

You Got Time To Duck?

"It's perfect for a child."
"It's perfect for a child."

"So this is the dining area and as you can see it gets a lot of light..."

Get To Da Choppaaa!

Is it a lift? Is it an elaborate door? Well it's obviously a door, but where does it lead...?

I Ain't Got Time To Bleed

Nice digs, yo!
Nice digs, yo!

It leads to an indoor cinema complete with xenomorph busting out of the wall! How cool!

What The Hell Are You?

Seriously, this place is amazing.

Stick Around.

What is this place? Heaven? Is this what heaven looks like?!

I'm gonna say we all pool some money together and give this place a purchase, what do you say? It's too good a place to give up! But then Sweden is rather a distance away. But still, thank you Sweden.

(Source: wisnik)


Is this the coolest house or what?!


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