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Now, in fairness, Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon series is pretty darned cute to begin with, but - as it turns out - it's not just the sum total of the adorable dragon that can make grown adults weep with glee: his individual body parts can be utilized in a fashion that can generate squee-ing, too...

Case in point, this new necklace, designed by Falcon Moon Studio, is pretty much as cute as jewelry can get without being forcibly twee, or unbearably shiny.

In other words, it's downright awesome - which you can very much get a sense of from the image below...

The added bonus (aside from the fact that it includes Toothless' mechanical tail)? Wearing it means you can plausibly say you're wearing a piece of a dragon, without people thinking you're (quite as) weird.

Plus, just look at it!

It's adorable!

What do you guys think, though?


Loving the Toothless necklace?

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