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We've had the Renaissance, we've had the Baroque and we've been through romanticism and impressionism. Now were in the age of the Disney fan art.

When you work for a website like Moviepilot, you see a lot - and I mean a lot - of Disney fan art. However, few of what we've seen is anywhere near as impressive as this sculpture of Frozen's Elsa. Even better, it was made with a chainsaw.

The sculpture was created by Griffon Ramsey, the talented wood-carver who was also responsible for a sculpture of Groot that similarly went viral last month. Now she wants to treat her daughter to a figure of her favorite character. Her inspiration might not be that original, but her manner of creating her art certainly is. Check out her video below:

Watch me sculpt Elsa from Frozen using the power of chainsaws and meet my daughter, Millie! It was a fun and challenging piece to make out of wood, though maybe it would have been more appropriate to carve her out of ice...
Thanks to Wampler Saw Mill in Bastrop, Texas for letting us film at their location (and for doing some heavy lifting)!

For more carving videos, including her Groot sculpture, make sure to head over to Griffon's Youtube page.


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