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There's bitter-sweet news for fans of the legendary animator, Hayao Miyazaki. The co-founder of Studio Ghibli - who brought you the genius, Oscar-winning anime Spirited Away - had already announced that he's retiring. Or is he?

Well, yes and no. Speaking to the LA Times Miyazaki did confirm that he will no longer be making any films. In fact, he said that we may have even seen the last from the studio as a whole:

I think we will not be making any feature films to be shown in theaters. That was not my intention, though. All I did was announce that I would be retiring and not making any more features.

So The Wind Rises may have been the last Ghibli's stunningly beautiful cinematic offerings. But it's not all bad news! When asked about future projects he revealed that he's working on a manga series:

It's something I wanted to do when I was a student. It's about samurai in the 16th century, wearing full armor, battling it out with each other. I was very dissatisfied with the way that era was depicted in fiction and film, so I wanted to draw something that would reflect the way I thought that era should look.

Well, even if it's not in motion, at least we'll have some of Miyazaki's artwork to drool over.

The master illustrator is due to accept an honorary Oscar at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Governors Awards.


Do you agree with Miyazaki that "the era of pencil, paper and film is coming to an end."


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