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Star Wars 7 is one of the biggest, most highly anticipated movies out there and, inevitably, there have been leaks.

Most of these have been small - pictures of a giant green screen, X-Wings and the Millennium Falcon being constructed (as if we thought they weren't going to feature).

Some have been medium sized - like seeing Adam Driver in an X-Wing fighter pilot's orange jumpsuit.

And some have been big.

We're going to talk about them all, so here is your warning:


The Star Wars 7 spoilers and speculation that we have seen so far have established a plausible course of events, relying mainly on leaked pieces of concept art.

However, the plot this sets up - that Kira is a junker who finds Luke's (Anakin's) original blue lightsaber, sets out to find Luke and comes across something much darker than she anticipated - can be debated, but even if we grant this much, there are a number of other questions which don't relate to this storyline, which we are yet to have answered.

Kira's home underneath an AT-AT?
Kira's home underneath an AT-AT?

Let's run through some of the most obvious:

Who Pilots The Millennium Falcon?

We know that Han Solo's old ship the Millennium Falcon will feature heavily in Star Wars Episode 7, but, from what we've heard so far, it looks like the Harrison Ford's character will not actually be piloting the ship - so who will?

Well, according to most reports, Oscar Isaac is the new captain of Han Solo's old "Hunka Junk" - and he may have won from it from Solo in a bet.

This raises a few more questions: firstly, wasn't Oscar Isaac initially thought to be playing a Sith character? Could the millennium Falcon have fallen into the wrong hands? There has been a lot of debate about certain characters turning to the dark side of the force - would the Millennium Falcon be one step too far?

Secondly, given that the Millennium Falcon has been spotted in Concept Art at key locations which relate to Kira's story - the desert planet, the island of Skellig where Luke Skywalker has reportedly holed up - does this mean that whoever is flying the Millennium Falcon is either helping, or tracking, Kira?

Why is the Millennium Falcon here?
Why is the Millennium Falcon here?

What do you think has happened the Millennium Falcon?

Lupita Nyong'o: Stormtrooper?

Another piece of concept art which fans are still speculating about is the picture of the "Chrome Stormtrooper".

A stormtrooper in a cape stands looking into the distance. In one picture, they seem to stand amongst a pit of burning rubble. Take a look for yourself here:

Is this Lupita Nyong'o?
Is this Lupita Nyong'o?

One theory going around in that this is no ordinary Stormtrooper, but in fact is that Sith Luptia Nyong'o is thought to be playing. The curve of the breastplate of the armor, for example, suggests it could be a woman.

But what role does this character play? This is where it gets interesting.

Last week, a leaked scene description mentioned seeing an Imperial Shuttle land on the desert planet (Tatooine?) where Kira lives, a cape-wearing figure stepping from the shuttle accompanied by a group of stormtroopers and burning a village to the ground using flamethrowers.

Initially this was thought to be the Inquisitor/Grave Robber/Darth Revan character that has attracted so much attention so far, but could it in fact be the Lupita Nyong'o Chrome Stormtrooper, seen standing amidst fire in this concept art?

What do you think? And what are the unanswered Star Wars 7 quesitons you wuold like to know the answer to? Write in with all your [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) thoughts, questions & speculations below the line!


Will Lupita Nyong'o play a murderous stormtrooper in Star Wars Episode 7?


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