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Right, I'm not really sure where to start with this story, so I'm going to say it: A Japanese lingerie company has created a bra which changes color, but only when it makes contact with another bra of the same type (and which is ideally worn by your sister). Oh, it's also kind of based on Frozen too.

Yep, that's right. Japan has continued their long tradition of making everyone else in the world go "what the fu-?" by creating the world's first weirdly incestuous, technologically advanced bra.

Of course, in reality, it doesn't have to be worn by your sister - a friend, partner, or similarly attired stranger will do just as well. However, it seems Triumph - the company behind the product - would kind of prefer it if it was your sister... and probably a twin sister at that.

The bra, called the Close Sister Bra, is made up of a special electronic paper which changes color and pattern on contact with another bra of the same type. Admittedly, the effect is rather impressive, as this rather awkward promotional video shows:

Seriously, stop starring at the camera. It's freaking me out.

If you were in doubt that this is being marketed towards sisters, Triumph also included small heart shaped pads which can be placed into the bra if desired. If that's not weird enough, the kanji characters on them read as "Big Sister" and "Little Sister."

Now, officially these are not Disney Frozen products. But considering Frozen is a massive property and involves two extremely close sisters, I can kind of see what Triumph is going for. I suppose this inclusion of Frozen completes the classic Japanese otaku trinity of popular culture, technological prowess, and slightly weird sexual fetishes.

Just in case you're still not satisfied this is inspired by Frozen, Triumph released this statement which not so subtly hints at movies.

The depictions, in movies and the like, of sisters helping each other and becoming more confident, have moved all of Japan.

So. Yeah. That exists now.


The Close Sisters Bra is...

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