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Tired of seeing your favorite mutants dressed only in black jumpsuits? Hoping to see some individual style instead of team uniforms in [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267)?

Well, Kevin Wada, an amazingly talented illustrator, has taken these important matters into his own hands. He's created covers for She-Hulk and often even takes personal commissions for his outstanding art.

These images are part of a series called X-Fashion, and they seriously look like they were ripped out of a magazine's editorial spread. Both heroes and villains get the runway treatment, and Wada even adds customizes the designs to align with the characters' mutant powers.

Jean Grey and Emma Frost

Kevin Wada
Kevin Wada

The fact that Jean Grey and Emma Frost have vied for the same man does not prevent them from turning out an awesome picture. Check their tell-tale earrings for a great little nod to their powerful personas.


Gotta follow up Scott Summers' ladies with the man himself. In his downtime, he avoids shirts at all costs, even when wearing an impeccably pressed suit.

Oya, Storm, Frenzy, and M

Kevin Wada
Kevin Wada

How often do we get to see four female mutants of color together on one panel? The answer is "rarely," and it's a damn shame because this is a thing of beauty.


My favorite shapeshifter has got a scaly, slinky dress that perfectly matches her attitude. The half-morphed face is a suiting topper.

Magneto, Speed, Wiccan, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver

Here's a group that knows the art of the scowl. The House of M crew consists of Magneto and his brood, and here they're serving up this badass family portrait that clearly should be on every mantle.


Kevin Wada
Kevin Wada

Logan's apparently got a thing for name brand undies. Like Scott, he recognizes that one of the best fashion choices a guy can make is to opt for fewer articles of clothing.

Kitty Pryde

Kevin Wada
Kevin Wada

Kitty Pryde hasn't received the best adaptation to film, so I always love seeing her portrayed well. Wada includes a little shadowcat on that low back, and she's got some translucent accessories to remind you that she can walk right into your house whenever she wants.


The time-traveling antihero sports a little more clothing than his male cohorts, but still manages to show a little skin. More importantly, that might be the coolest and simplest way I have ever seen his energy absorption power depicted.

And lastly, a team of lovely ladies: Storm, Jubilee, Rogue, Psylocke, Rachel Summers, and Kitty Pryde

Naturally, Storm's power suit game cannot be matched, but the rest of the stunning crew is putting up a solid fight. Best of all, each of these outfits is 100% certified approved for ass-kicking.

When you manage to pick your jaw up off the floor, check out Wada's Tumblr and deviantART page for even more X-fashions and the rest of his amazing artwork.


Which X-Fashion design is your favorite?


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