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Don Draper (Jon Hamm) gets a new pair of sunglasses in Season 6 of Mad Men: It’s a limited edition shades model from vintage eyeglasses store Old Focals in Pasadena.

While the tv show creators, and especially Janie Bryant, are well known for their precise and authentic vintage style, it’s a strange detail, that Don’s new glasses are just replicas. They are a copy of the classic Ray Ban Olympian model from 1965 - famously worn by Hollywood film star Peter Fonda in Easy Rider - and were recreated recently in California.

Picture Source: Yahoo / Copyrights by Sony Pictures
Picture Source: Yahoo / Copyrights by Sony Pictures

Another curious trivia is, that Don’s sunglasses are named “Drapers“.

Nevertheless, I don’t know, if Janie Bryant chose this Peter Fonda sunglasses model on purpose to tell us, that Don is the predecessor of the Easy Rider - the male role model and maverick of the late 60s and early 70s -, but I think, it's an interesting assumption and a nice little trivia and detail.

Picture Sources: AMC TV / Yahoo
Copyrights by: Michael Yarish /AMC / Sony Pictures

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