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Whether you loved or hated Interstellar, every one has warm and fuzzy feelings for TARS (and a lesser extent his mechanical twin CASE) the A.I./Computer voiced by Bill Irwin that helps Matthew McConaughey on his intergalactic voyage. The folks over at Vulture are so "TARS"-struck that they created alternate movie lives for the charming mech. Even though most of the poster humor derives from the drop a letter and add a letter variety (A Star Is Born =A Tars Is Born) there is no denying that the bot has a steely and sleek body sex appeal-- and is probably a better actor than some of the original male stars.

Actually Tars is a better match for Barbara Streisand than Kris Kristofferson in all his curly-haired, hairy chested glory. There is something kinkly cool about seeing Babs snuggle suggestively with a monolith. Tars finding a real girl of the blow-up Japanese sex toy variety could turn out to be the computer version of 50 Shades of Gray if handled right. Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Bosworth and Shailene Woodley definitely have the right source code to make TARS the ultimate programmer for their world, the underworld, cyber world and a dying girl willing to believe in a perfect Beta match. TARS would be an awesome Terminator or a Transformer, a fantastic Bat-mobile, but a Dark Knight? Not so much. TARS would make an interesting version of CP30 for Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty wandering around in the dessert.

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