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Dandy from American Horror Story: Freakshow happens to be America's favorite killer right now. Even though he debuted as just a snooty nosed boy, who got everything from his mother. He's turned into something quite menacing and terrifying to say the least. He's very refined, however he carries a brat attitude towards anything that doesn't go his way. He has similar qualities to two main psycho killers to say the least. Shall I compare?

Besides his undying and unconditional love for this mother, Norman and Dandy have a few similar qualities. One sure fact, is that when it comes to the act of killing, they're both very emotional. They will either cry, yell, put a lot of energy into the act, etc. They also have a very charming characteristic about them that makes their victims swoon. With their boyish good looks, Dandy and Norman both know how to lure, kill, and cover their treacherous acts of killing. They both have double faces. One being just a child, that obeys and loves his mother. While the other side of them is aggressive, and dangerous.

Patrick Bateman on the other hand has a very smooth, yet cynical way of luring his victims in. Though Dandy is very emotional he also has a way of cutting off all emotions and feelings when it comes to the victims and how they are feeling. He's very childlike yet cold. Which is exactly what Bateman exudes, cold harsh numbness towards his victims. Dandy as well is not the cleanest when it comes to his killings. He sometimes will be covered in blood, or the place of killing will be. However with the help from his mother he knows how to get rid of all evidence, as if nothing happened. This quality was definitely infamous for Bateman as well. Bateman was spotless when it came to his killings. Meaning he couldn't be caught if he wanted to.

As America watches Dandy each week on [American Horror Story](series:206668): Freakshow we can't help but cringe uncomfortably. Dandy has the ability to be sweet, childlike, and harmless. However within a second, he snaps, tortures, and kills and sees nothing wrong with it. His mother as well lets him behave in such a way, that's also very creepy. She's as afraid of her son Dandy as we are. We will just have to see what Dandy does this week in the new episode of American Horror Story: Freakshow.


Is Dandy your favorite killer?


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