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One of the biggest changes in Arrow this season has been in Thea Queen. Or Thea Merlyn, or Mia Merlyn, or Mia Dearden, or....oh, you get the picture! Suffice it to say, this is a character who has come a long way from the spoiled party girl we met in 2012. Now, Thea is a certified bad-ass, trained by Malcolm Merlyn in person (plus a few other Kendo enthusiasts, according to one scene in "Corto Maltese"), and there is no question that we are going to see this new side of her come out to play in Starling City.

Ollie, I'm hooooome!
Ollie, I'm hooooome!

Hand-to-hand combat is one of my favorite elements of action films and shows; there is something breathtaking about true skill, something so much more exciting (to me) than gunfights, explosions and car chases. It may be why I love Arrow quite as much as I do, because he's so much more fun to watch than a gun-nut.

Unsurprisingly, this means that I'm a big fan of stunt doubles, and seeing some of the moves that make the magic. So you can imagine my excitement at seeing this new featurette on Thea's training.

Not only does this satisfy my love of skilled combat, but it also introduced me to a relatively new player in the stunt-double scene. Melissa Jin is a regular on Arrow, and has doubled for not only Willa Holland, but Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/Black Canary) and Summer Glau (Isabel Rochev). It seems that this may be a show where she has some real space to shine, and from the looks of her reel, I can't wait to see where else she may pop up in Arrow episodes to come!


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