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After the death of Paul Walker, the future of the Fast & Furious franchise was in limbo. Many assumed that next year's Furious 7 would be the final film in the franchise. However, fans who want more thrills can rest easier.

Universal CEO Donna Langley
Universal CEO Donna Langley

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Universal CEO Donna Langley (seen above) was asked about the future of the franchise. Specifically, she was asked if the franchise could stand without Paul Walker.

Her response was:

I believe it does. We think there's at least three more. Paul is, and always will be, an integral part of the story. But there are many other great characters, and it's also an opportunity to introduce new characters. I think it's still a growing franchise. We'll see what happens with Furious 7, obviously, but our box office has grown over the past three or four films and internationally, in particular. So we think that there's more to mine there. But we're of course very mindful about fatigue.

While she is not 100% sure if there will be more films in the franchise, she does indeed think it is possible for the series to continue. According to Langley, if all goes according to plan, we could see the eighth, ninth and tenth installments come to theaters in the future. It is likely that the films are being planned out at this moment, but only time will tell if we will see the gang hit the road again without Paul Walker.


Should the franchise continue without Paul Walker?


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