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You can join Captain America's Freedom Fighters and struggle to protect freedom and individual liberty from the Oppression of the Government Forces!

Or, you can help to implement Tony Stark's vision (no, not that Vision) and work to bring peace and security to humanity. The job of the Government - of the People - is to protect its citizens from dangers that are beyond their ability to cope.

There will be no standing to the side! You will have to choose and you will have to choose wisely.

Drop your shackles and soar with us!
Drop your shackles and soar with us!

The Freedom Fighters

Don't ask - just... don't.
Don't ask - just... don't.

200% The Punisher

Yeah, right. The government failed me - failed to protect my family. Worse, they failed to help bring to justice those who were guilty of the atrocity. There will be no surrender... no cozying up to those who claim power and would destroy America's soul to garner more influence and power.

100% Captain America

This fight is not for Steve Rogers. He is all about doing his part - I signed up to protect the country that gave my parents a home and gave me my birthplace. But, what is a nation? Is it the oppressive government who would squelch liberty to provide security? A government who would spit on... kick dirt on the Constitution because it stands in the way of Order and Peace?

No. We have a right to choose. And, Captain America is that symbol of Human Rights and the inalienable sanctity of the individual. I will lead this fight and we will not be denied.

99% The Incredible Hulk

BAH! Puny government! Puny humans! Hulk Smash!

90% [Ant-Man](movie:9048) (Scott Lang)

Whew! I'm all about helping my fellow man - I really am. But I know that each individual has to help himself. When you turn your life - or that of your family - over to some complex, bureaucratic entity that has so many heads, so many responsibilities, that there is no way it can care for everyone, you condemn yourself and your family to mediocrity and leave them, when they need help the most, without.

A bureaucracy cannot function in a timely way so that, when the real individual need for help - for those most basic necessities without the rigours of providing proof and evidential substantiation of that need so that your children's health can be readily administered to. A government, unlike neighbours and friends, cannot possibly know what your family is going through. It just isn't there on a day-to-day basis. You do not sign your liberties over to the faceless masses and just hope that they come through.

You really wanna tell them what to do?
You really wanna tell them what to do?

90% Ghost Rider

Bwahahahahahahaha!!! Feel my righteous wrath! I will bring justice! I will wreak havoc on the evil ones! I... huh? Us? Together? Bring in your bad guys... ? Sure. You get it started and if I'm not around in a couple of centuries, start without me. I've got my own thing going here.

90% Luke Cage (Power Man)

I gave my life to the government - in prison - and they conducted horrible experiments on me. Governments do things like that. The needs of the individual always come secondary to the needs of the many - of the masses. Not... for... me.

88% [Black Widow](movie:1070824)

SHIELD Agent Natasha Romanov. Agent. Worker bee. No... far more. SHIELD is the instrument I used to extract myself from those bizarre machinations of the communist regime. I've seen, first-hand, how a government can use (abuse) those citizens who can give it power and influence. I will not be a part of such again.

85% Black Panther

I, [Black Panther](movie:9047), am a king. I know the need for a cohesive society. I also know what it is like being on the outside looking in. I gained an appreciation for just having the ability to not have to prove my position within the framework of a government in order to get what was rightfully mine. And, it served me well as I worked outside of my uncle's reach to regain throne of my people. I know the worth of the individual and I have to trust that, given the appropriate support, they will come through for each other and not be dependent on a government.

Have a care - the dark can be an awful place
Have a care - the dark can be an awful place

85% Moon Knight

I've seen what the CIA – the government – does to people… done things that were not right. You cannot trust a bureaucracy to have a soul – to have compassion – only a craving for control, power and influence.

80% Elektra

I died. Nobody protected me. The government couldn't protect me. A government, by nature cannot be everywhere. And, even if it were, it wouldn't have the ability to consider the need of one individual in need. When I came back, I swore no one would ever control me again. And, I won't submit to some government who thinks it can think better for me than I can for myself.

75% Daredevil

Justice is not a word. Justice cannot be found in a "system" nor can it be legislated. It must be fought for one case at a time - one individual at a time. And, often, big money or big bureaucracy must be overcome to see that Justice is gained.

75% Satana

I see vestiges of my father (Satan) in the government. He always wants to control me and determine my actions and how I'm supposed to think and feel. He wants me to go and take from others what they consider rightfully theirs. He feels that an individual who isn't strong enough to hold onto what is theirs is obligated to lose what is theirs - to him. He manipulates me. Government is that way.

I think we have better places to be...
I think we have better places to be...

75% Guardians of the Galaxy

Whoah... wha? Dude! I've got a galaxy to roam. I don't have time to go on tedious searches for your enemies. I have plenty of my own.

75% Adam Warlock

The best interests of the masses are often subverted by the few who want to seize control. The greatest danger is in giving our lives to an entity that has the capacity for greatness, but the frailty of corruption from within.

75% Deathlok

Hydra made me what I am. A faceless, amorphous entity that seeks to serve itself to power and influence. I trusted the government (SHIELD) and now, look at me. I'm a monster. I have things to do and taking time out from that to go run errands for corrupt politicians in not something I'm ready to sign onto.

70% Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

I'm not sure why sides have to be taken… but, the government was never really there for me when I needed them. Only friends like Dr. Strange and Wolverine have ever really cared about what happened to me. I don’t like hiding around and not being able to just be me – but, that isn't my fault. It’s the fault of those who seek the power to force me to do their bidding. I’ll save the people my own way.

65% Hyperion

Look… I like to help. I really do. I like to go exploring, too. There are things out there – wondrous things… and, I want to see them. If I have to spend too much of my time working – doing others’ jobs – babysitting everyone else, I won’t have the time to fulfil my (self-perceived, of course) purpose in life.

We don't take "sides"
We don't take "sides"

Taking a Neutral Stand

We don't take sides
We don't take sides

60% Thor: God of Thunder

I can see my father's position. A kingdom cannot properly operate without loyalty, dedication and the hard work of its citizens.

But, I also like just hanging out with my friends. And, my father isn't all-knowing. I need to have the ability to determine my own course of action - to be able to take the consult of my friends and allies. I need to be able to think for myself in order to have the greatest effect. I will not stand in my father's way - but, in order to grow and be the prince I need to be so that, one day, I can be the king I will have to be, I must be able to work through certain issues on my own.

n/a% The Inhumans

As a collective group, [The Inhumans](movie:910490) are much like the (censored: X-Men). Anyone who is subjected to the whims of the Terrigen Mists or a Terrigen Crystal can have the inherent "gift" that lies dormant within them brought forth for their use.

The Inhumans are as varied across the world as any social group. There are those who are intrinsinctly good, those who are fraught with evil, those who demand order and security in their lives and those who cherish the chaos that frees the spirit and graces us with things like serendipity and spontaneity.

You will find Inhumans on both sides of every issue.

50% Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner

It was the humans who rained down destruction on the seas. Humans supported by their burdensome and myopic government. The government has consistently authorized the pollution-dumping practices of great corporation because great corporations are the ones who provide the influence and financial backing that put them into power.

But, I am a prince. I understand the need for adherence to law. A government must always be aware of the needs of its individuals as well as that of its masses. This government – the government of the Americans – cannot do this. It is unconscionable. Yet, I cannot condone failure to serve the overall cause of the people. Therefore, I shall not participate.

45% Howard the Duck

Eh. Whatever. Where’s the babes? And, what time does the party start?

Keeping our Nation Secure
Keeping our Nation Secure

Protectors of Peace

We accept the responsibility
We accept the responsibility

35% She-Hulk

Better controls would have protected my cousin, Bruce Banner, from corrupting himself and putting the very world at risk. I love my cousin and his plight gnaws at my soul. As an attorney, I am beholden to uphold the law – to argue in favour of those things that our government (the people) have established as their way to order society.

35% Hellstorm: Damon Hellstrom

My mother was my greatest influence. When she caught my sister doing a great evil – something for my father, it drove her mad. My sister ran off to be with my father – I was placed in an orphanage. I don’t understand, really, why others would want to stand in the darkness. If you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to hide.

30% Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)

I am a soldier. My very existence is predicated upon fighting within a structure of order and service. And, SHIELD was the one who gave me the opportunity to grow and become who I am.

30% Quasar (Phyla-Vell)

We must seek the security of others. Alone, we cannot survive – cannot protect those that we love.

Trust us... it works
Trust us... it works

30% Hercules: Prince of Power

First and foremost, I shall do the bidding of my father. Secondly, the people must be protected – what else is a hero to do? How can you even be a hero if you are not willing to risk your safety to protect others? It is my reason for existence.

25% Quicksilver

My dad was always one to go his own way. His way is always destructive and destined to hurt others. He doesn't care. I cannot condone his actions nor can I tolerate the distrust his ways engenders.

25% Scarlet Witch

I'm a mess. I have to depend on others to let me know when I am losing it. That isn't always easy. Others need to listen to each other or chaos will consume me – us.

25% Valkyrie

I have seen the fool-hardy go into battle and fail to follow orders. It never ends well. And, those who I am tasked to take to Valhalla? I cannot understand why – it was their fool-hardiness that brought destruction themselves – and many times, on their compatriots as well. Had they only done as they were told…

Soldiering onward!
Soldiering onward!

15% The Vision

Order must be maintained. A machine cannot function if all its parts are not perfectly integrated.

15% Mockingbird

I'm a soldier. I like having some freedom, but, overall, I do what I'm told. And, if you have something to hide, you are probably up to no good.

15% The Wasp

Whew! Why all the fuss? Just do as you’re told, people!

15% Hawkeye

I saw Hydra take down SHIELD And SHIELD was a concept of great purpose and intent. Whenever anyone puts their wants and needs over others, I will not stand idly by and watch others get hurt.

Protecting those who can't protect themselves
Protecting those who can't protect themselves

10% Blade: Vampire Hunter

Evil lurks in the darkness. When held to the light, it will flee. If you have nothing to hide, the light will not bother you. Don’t hide.

10% Iron Fist

I know Luke and others have been through a great deal. But, they don’t understand: There is peace in order and there is security and safety in working for a common purpose – a common goal – as a people.


We work for the government. We will do as the government directs. Even though... yeah... they really don't like us, right now. We will re-earn their trust.

Order and Reason must prevail
Order and Reason must prevail

5% Captain (Ms) Marvel

Orders are to be followed. A military cannot function if everyone is not on the same page. Just look at me – I went off on my own and almost destroyed myself. I need the order that comes from being responsible to the group – to being accountable to others.

5% Ant Man (Hank Pym)

[The Avengers](movie:9040). Bah! Just a bunch of self-styled, ignorant buffoons who think they are God’s gift to mankind. They need to all be rounded up and shipped off to some other world where they can learn discipline and order and how to fit in a society.

1% Nova

I'm not sure why I'm here… but, I am a member of the greatest police force in the galaxy. It will always be my honour to serve.

Protector, Financier and Friend of the Downtrodden
Protector, Financier and Friend of the Downtrodden

0% Iron Man (Tony Stark)

One person going off on his own can destroy a team. One person, uncontrolled and with great power, can bring down a society – can destroy cities. I've seen it. Everyone must work together or we will fail. And, to insure that we will not fail, we will put in safeguards that will insure against the individual going off and getting into trouble.

It's on!  uh... who are these people?
It's on! uh... who are these people?

So, pick your sides. Are you completely committed to peace and order joining Tony Stark backed by his Stark Industries? Will you vow to answer the call whenever your community - your nation - needs you?

Or, will you fight to maintain your anonymity and your freedom to move about and "do your own thing". Do you want to fight for the American Constitution where it promises "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"? Is Liberty worth the sacrifice you will be required to make?

You've probably already made your choice. Now, citizen, join your team.

Comments below for agreements, disagreements, arguments and concurrences.


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