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As we know, the Middle Earth Saga will be coming to an end next month in the final instalment to The Hobbit Trilogy: The Battle of Five Armies. We are nearly a month away from the the movie's release and there are many things to be excited for; such as the destruction of Lake Town and of course the battle of five armies. However if there is one thing we know will transpire in this final film, it is the credit song. Each film in this franchise has featured a song that rolls through the credits, and this film is no exception.

Seeing that this is the end of the Middle Earth Franchise, The Battle of Five Armies needs to have a song that will ends not just The Hobbit Trilogy, but the whole series. Thankfully Peter Jackson and the studio have found the right man to sing us out of Middle Earth; and that man is Billy Boyd. Billy, who played the role of Pippin, showed his musical talent throughout The Lord of the Rings. So it seems only fitting that Billy Boyd be the man with the final song, and what a song it is as Boyd sings The Last Goodbye.

Billy Boyd!
Billy Boyd!

As the name states, The Last Goodbye indeed indicates not only the ending of this trilogy, but signifying a farewell to the fans. Boyd put it best when he was interviewed by Billboard:

We focused on not just the final instalment, but more so on this 10-year epic adventure,” says Boyd. “A song to sum up the six movies.

With a song of this calibre, fans and movie goers may want to wait til they see the film to listen to this piece. However, if you cannot wait, Warner Bros has released the full song online (which you can listen to below).

Needless to say, The Last Goodbye is indeed a fitting song for a conclusion. Full of a heart and beauty, this song truly encompasses the finale that is upon us. Bare in mind that seeing this number in action may give it more gravity. However, just by listening to this song, it may be safe to say that we are in for one emotional ending come this December. We will just have to wait and see.

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies arrives in theatres on December 17. Now, if you dare, here is The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd.

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